There are two Fashion Worlds: How to Identify Which One You Fall Into

There are two Fashion Worlds: How to Identify Which One You Fall Into

Fashion Insights: A Conversation on The Red Carpet vs the People’s Fashion

Identifying your fashion world

Okay this is the first of my fashion insight’s posts. As someone looking at how fashion brings people together, I think it’s important to identify and understand what fashion means to different groups. Sometimes it’s hard to see the overall big picture when you’re on the inside. My perspective comes from the outside looking in, as a fashion enthusiast in a profession outside of beauty.

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The Red Carpet Fashion Standard

As much as the Oscars is an award ceremony for the film industry, it’s also a time for the who’s who of celebrities to wear their best-dressed outfits! Fashion designers and fashion houses have an interest in helping A and B list celebrities find their ultimate statement piece; because this is the moment they can use a celebrity’s notoriety to showcase their artistry.

So this year, fashion houses and designers showcased their artistry through celebrities pledging to re-wear previous outfits or outfits made from sustainable materials. Some celebrities even certified their sustainable outfits through the 10 year old women-led organization bringing sustainable practices to fashion on the red carpet known as Red Carpet Green Dress.

Remember, we’re the audience. We’re the audience watching these showcased outfits. And with this in mind, celebrities are choosing to make statements through their outfit.

For example, this year Janelle Monae’s 168,000 Swarovski crystal Ralph Lauren dress honoring Grace Jones took over 600 hours of hand embroidery. Natalie Portman’s cape embroidered with the names of the female directors left out of the Oscar nominee list is also a statement piece. I can’t go through all the great fashion statement pieces in this post but my point is, the red carpet fashion platform is luxury fashion’s way of bringing important issues to the forefront of our minds.

But what if we, the audience, are already aware of important issues and are content with the fashion world we’ve chosen? What are the two fashion worlds and how can we identify which fashion world is most important to us?

The First Fashion World is Aspirational Luxury Fashion

The above is aspirational fashion at it’s finest. It’s a world built on the premise of exclusivity that prioritizes art, beauty and the desire to be a part of a group for improvement of one’s social standing.

These clothes are something that the vast majority of people in the entire world will never see close up; they’ll never touch, they’ll never be in the same room as [these clothes]…it’s an idea of glamour and something that is almost so unattainable that it’s out of this world, it’s so aspirational that it’s breathtaking…it’s a dream

– Chanel’s Haute Couture Fashion Show Documentary: Netflix’s 7 Days Out

The Second Fashion World is the People’s Fashion

The people’s fashion is dictated by our profession outside the arts. It’s fashion that prioritizes our everyday lives, household needs and cultural identity over art and beauty. For us, re-wearing an outfit more than once is practical in many ways and environmentally friendly. And although we appreciate art and beauty, we’re also aware of the demands it takes to meet beauty’s unattainable standard. The people’s fashion is focused on human connection with others in our immediate sphere.

Can the two worlds co-exist?

Well think of it this way, the aspirational luxury fashion world needs people to want to live in this dream world one day. While the people’s fashion world needs art and beauty to add inspiration to daily living activities.

What Fashion World do you identify with? Do you aspire to wear a red carpet fashioned dress or are you content with your everyday fashion outfits? Can there be a middle ground between both?

Those are questions I’m trying to answer as well.

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    I love both! I dress up in my normal clothes every day, but I love a special occasion to impress!

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