How to Play HMB
After a hard day’s work, kick off those polka dot heels and say yes to a little wine or grape juice!

How to Play HMB

What is it, How does it work & when do I play it?

Hi there! Yass! You’ve made it to this oh so special page at the heart of this blog’s existence. Which means you may have read my About page explaining the vision of HMB. If you happened to land here unknowingly that’s ok too. I highly recommend making a quick click here to read more.

Alrighty then, now let’s move on to the real deal!

One of my favorite things to do is to spend time with my mom (yes I said it aloud), friends…and strangers too (maybe just people all around). I hosted events that brought people from different backgrounds together in one space. For me it was an awesome experience to see everyone enjoying themselves, lighting up and interacting with one another while leaving with knowledge they could use.

Because I also enjoy playing soccer, learning new things and expressing myself through fashion styles, I created HMB to combine the competitive nature of a sport like soccer with learning something about fashion, with people who’re also interested in fashion. It’s a win-win all around. Whoo hoo a Fashion Game!! 

Here’s how it works!

Ah ha…yes. You may have seen this game on the Game Network channel, Family Feud! The basic idea is there are two teams that compete against one another by answering questions. The first team to get the most points wins. 

It’s played best with 6 or more people, 3 people on each team. I’ve hosted events with over 20 people, mainly 10 on each team and events with 4 people (lol), 2 on each team. It’s still fun either way! 

I Should Play This When…

  • I’m Netflix-ed out and want to do something at home with my friends
  • My Husband/Partner/Boyfriend/Boyfran is hanging with their friends and I want to do my own party
  • My Husband/Partner/Boyfriend/Boyfran is watching sports on the BIG screen and I didn’t feel like staring at the screen with him
  • I want to do a Happy Hour Cocktail evening with my friends, but don’t want to get dolled up to go to the bar/ lounge
  • My girlfriend asks me to plan her Bachelorette party and I’m looking for the first icebreaker game
  • My friend asks me to find an icebreaker game for their Bridal Shower
  • I want to do something for my birthday that starts off low-key at home and if we feel like going out for more we can
  • I want to celebrate Galentine’s Day in a fashion inspired way and don’t know what to do
  • Just because I want to bring my friends together over something cool…why not?!

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