HMB Event at Startorial Fashion Boutique. Photo Credit: Teresa Nunez


A Fashion Inspired Blog for the Curious

Hey Lovely! Welcome!

I’m Shari, an Economist and Fashion Enthusiast who loves exploring the social side of fashion from a global womxn‘s perspective.

Heel Me Baby was an idea born from a fascination to throw shoe parties, became an activity bringing the concept of the shoe party to life and has now transformed into a fashion inspired blog with the party idea still at the heart of HMB’s existence.

I re-imagined the shoe party idea into a fashion game designed to bring us together over various themes in fashion. Find out more on what it is and how to download here.

The goal was and still is to create an activity for fashion enthusiasts out there to bond over. And thus the motto,

Learn, Share and Do

formed! To help you learn, share and do fashion inspired activities with your friends. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

And to achieve this great feat of bringing us together over something we love 👠👟👗👘, this blog will cover a range of topics through the lens of fashion including:

  • My thoughts on finding self identity through fashion
  • Cultural fashion through my eyes
  • Thoughts on money and fashion
  • Sustainability and what it means to be a fashionably sustainable person in 2020
  • Practical ways to use fashion as an agent of change in daily life
  • And last…things to do! Fashion themed activities that is!

Thanks for landing on this site! I hope you enjoy the blog and the game! Please feel free to share your thoughts in a comment, drop a note, say what’s up or leave a heart emoji somewhere!

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