Fashion Inspired Game to Play with Your Girlfriends
Taken at HMB Event at Winery. Photo credit: Ruth Michelle

Fashion Inspired Game to Play with Your Girlfriends

First Fashion Game Theme:
Yass, Honey! Those Shoes Theme!

It's the smiling
πŸ’– this photo. HMB Event held at boutique in Portland Oregon.
Photo credit: Teresa Nunez

Okay, yes as the title states this is my very first downloadable Fashion Game Theme I’ve put together! πŸ˜† And if you’re reading this right now and thinking, “what in the world does that mean”, no worries at all. I highly recommend making a quick pit stop on the About and How to Play pages! And if you’re still like “OMG I’m lost” feel free to message me. I haven’t done a good job of explaining then. πŸ˜…

Onward we go, to the Summary!

“Yass, Honey Shoes! Part 1” theme is a collection of general shoe questions that include a variety of brands, designers and facts throughout history. I incorporate a wide range of shoe information into this one. Also note that any information provided in the game or the blog is solely provided for information purposes and I have no affiliation with the brands or designers listed. See the legal, privacy page for more information on the content provided.

If you conquer Part 1 of the Yass, Honey! Those Shoes Theme! and you’re up for another challenge, Part 2 will be just as exciting with an entirely new set of questions for download! (Part 2 coming soon).

Other themes will include running shoes and even themes that break away from shoes like fashion focused themes. They’ll include one on the Importance of the Little Black dress, South Asian Fashion styles and African American Designers and Brands (coming soon). It’s mainly any fashion or fashion accessories subject that I find interesting I’ll dive deep into.

Btw, your feedback matters! If you find it fun, dislike the game, or have a suggestion and want to share, please feel free to send me a message! πŸ˜„

Because this has to be said…the internet is vast with plenty of information. Although, “imitation is the highest form of flattery”, if you’re a larger company and would like to partner, please reach out instead of taking information. Everything provided on this blog and in the game are Heel Me Baby’s intellectual property. πŸ™ƒ

Enough talk! Have Fun! Click the download button below!

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