Fashion Insight: My Shopping Experience in Goa, India Part 3

Fashion Insight: My Shopping Experience in Goa, India Part 3

The Journey Matters as much as the End Result: The Fashion Styles

Hello there Lovely Reader! This post is the last of 3 posts that explores my shopping experience in Goa, India. Because the journey matters just as much as the end result, in this post I talk about the fashion styles and designs I purchased in Goa and in Portland, Oregon. If you’re new to this blog, I highly recommend making a pit stop at Part 1 and Part 2 to get a full understanding of the story behind this latest post. 

The Voice Matters

Okay I want to start this post by putting my experience into context, with who I am not. I am not a fashion designer or a fashion stylist or an industry professional. Whoo the air is now cleared! With this in mind, let me acknowledge who I am: A fashion enthusiast who loves experiencing different cultures through fashion and women.

I purchased two lehenga outfits and one dupatta in the market with Angela. Up until a few weeks before traveling to India, I didn’t know what a lehenga or dupatta were, but my friends knew. So, of course that’s where I started my search! And I think it’s important to acknowledge the lens I’m speaking from in this moment as a Caribbean American woman speaking about my shopping experience and how the fashion styles I bought relate to my story.

With this understanding, the Indian subcontinent has been known for its craftsmanship and embroidery work for centuries and so the lehenga style is a drop in the bucket to the varying types of Indian Fashion styles that can be purchased. Read more about Goa’s traditional sari style here.

What is a lehenga?

According to Utsavpedia, the Lehenga, also known as Lehenga Choli, is made up of 3 pieces. It includes a long skirt that’s band at the waist; a crop-top like, form fitting blouse, known as the choli piece; and a long scarf like fabric known as the dupatta that typically covers the midriff left bare by the choli.

When are lehengas worn?

Lehengas are typically worn for special occasions including ceremonial occasions, weddings and festivals. Tah dah! Hence these 3 beautiful lehengas for my friend’s wedding! Bringing it back full circle in this last post! 

Style A

The first thing that drew me to style A was the teal blue silk fabric and metallic gold threads. I fell in love with the floral patterns throughout the outfit. Later I learned the type of embroidery used for this outfit is a combination of chain stitch and zardozi embroidery. And although zardozi embroidery started around the 13th century, it was introduced to India in the 16th century from Persia. You can read more on zardozi embroidery here. The floral patterns known as motifs, were introduced during the Mughal empire and symbolizes the lotus flower.

Style B

The long flowing A line style gold skirt is what drew me to style B. I pieced this lehenga skirt and choli top together in Portland, Oregon with the help of the shop owner of Amrapali Boutique. It’s a yellow and gold threaded skirt with gold ribbon sewn on. I paired the skirt with a 50/50 blend pashmina shawl I previously had. Read more on pashmina shawls here.

Style C

I fell in love with style C’s color and it’s jacket style. It has zardozi embroidery up top and an A-line style skirt below.

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