5 Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Watches the Football Game

5 Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Watches the Football Game

A List of Fashion Focused Things to Do for any Budget!

Here’s the scenario:

It’s Football season, so your boyfriend turns on the game. His buddies are over drinking and yelling at the big screen. 🙄 This is his pastime. You’ve already vacuumed the house, done laundry and the dishes, picked out your work outfits for the week and prepared food for the week. So you decide you want to have your own pastime. You’re not super into watching football.😒

Face it, you’re just not that into it. So you say to yourself,

“I’m going to get my friends together too!”  

Here’s a list of 5 Fashion Focused things to do with your friends for any budget:

1- A Clothing Swap in the next Room

Well worth it! I had the amazing opportunity to try out my first clothing swap experience and I left with more than just great clothes. I left with a great experience with friends and strangers. Read more about how to put your first clothing swap together here.

2 – Hire a Group Style Consultant

Finding your style and confidently pulling it off is not easy. Especially when you have sooo many other responsibilities on your plate. Why not get a group of friends together and hire a style consultant?! They’ll help you break down your style and give you tips on the many style options out there. It’s a great way to do something with friends and learn about one another’s unique style. Read more on how to choose the right style consultant here.

3 – Plan a local shopping trip: Support local designers and stores

Psst…your support matters. Ok first, let me explain what I mean by shopping locally. Every city or town has a unique style. Whether you’re new to your city or have lived there for over 10 years, there’s local fashion designers and stores nearby that embody your city’s spirit. Give yourself a reason to explore your city’s fashion scene, find a unique item that fits your style and do it with a group of friends you enjoy spending time with! Read more on how to plan a local shopping trip here.

4 – Play the HMB Fashion Game in the next Room

A great way to get the party started with an icebreaker fashion game. It’s designed for you to have fun, talk fashion and get your adrenaline pumping in the comfort of your sweat pants and heels. The questions are interactive and may bring out a competitive side in you, that you never knew was there! Just download, print and play. Read more on How to Download here.

5 – Hire a Closet Organizer Group Style

Ok I had to save this one for last. This is a really intimate type of activity. It requires really close friends and feeling comfortable sharing your closet with others. But nonetheless, it’s still a great experience for you and your friends to bond over learning practical ways to declutter, organize clothes and journey back in time through your clothing history. Read more on how to choose the right closet organizer here. 

Hey Love! Thanks for landing on this site. Hope you enjoyed this post! In keeping with the spirit of HMB’s motto: Learn, Share & Do here’s the first of many downloadable games you can play at home with friends. It’s the fashion game you never knew you needed. Click below to try it out! 💖👠

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